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Johnboat Saves The Day

Question: Mark, I know that family is very important to you. Tell me about your family.

Rose: My daughter Natalie is 4 1/2-years-old and is going to kindergarten next year, and my wife and I are both very excited. My wife is a schoolteacher.

Question: Tell me about some weird tactics that have won bass tournaments for you.

Rose: Sometimes I like to use a johnboat when I compete in a tournament. My ability to get back into back-water situations with all of my Strike King lures is imperative because these lures work best in back-water areas. In my very first B.A.S.S. tournament, I competed in a field of 150 anglers where I used a little johnboat and everyone else had nice, glass, $30,000 boats. Sometimes when the water is fluctuating on the river, you can use a johnboat to get back in these hard-to-reach regions. I caught all my fish on a Strike King jig because all of your Strike King jigs or baits really prevail in those type situations.

Question: Tell me about the fishing locations where using your johnboat has helped you place in a tournament.

Rose: The rivers that come to mind are the Red River and the Mississippi River. On these river systems, johnboats have been instrumental in winning major tournaments in the past three or four years. If you get in a situation where the river level drops, and a big bass boat can't get back in those sloughs, a johnboat works great. Johnboats are light and sturdy, and they can jump logs and beaver dams.

Question: How often do you find those situations?

Rose: I am one of those type people who always looks for those situations. I'd love to use my johnboat every tournament if I could because I can use it to get away from the crowd. When I get away from the crowd, I can catch fish that haven't felt the high pressure from all the bass boats. The pros often overlook these sloughs and back-water areas when picking the winning location to catch the prize fish. A johnboat helps you separate yourself from the other anglers so you can catch the bass that other fishermen may never see.

Question: What colors of Strike King jigs are the best in these back-water regions?

Rose: Bubble gum, hot pink, chartreuse and hot chartreuse work great. All these neon colors are just really getting popular now. I think that a lot of people consider those colors kind of weird, but your off-the-wall colors like bubble gum, pink and chartreuse catch fish. You're gonna start hearing a lot about Strike King's 3X lures in all these fluorescent colors. Tournament fisherman use these colors a lot, but average fishermen consider these colors off-the-wall. They work great for in early spring and fall. You can use these lures with visibility down to 10 feet.

Question: Can you use these colors in murky water also?

Rose: Yeah, these colors really stand out in murky water.

Question: Is there a color that you recommend starting off with and falling back on?

Rose: Anytime that I fish anywhere around the spawn, I use a hot chartreuse or a hot bubble gum color. These colors have really taken on in the last three to four years.

Question: From where did the bright colors for bait come?

Rose: They probably stemmed from sight fishing, which has really taken off in the last few years. Fishermen use these colors to fish around beds. They want a lure that they really can see and that the fish actually will inhale. To learn more about Strike King's quality fishing products, click here.