Tips & Techniques

Many times in our lakes fish tend to get immune to the same baits that are thrown at them over and over. Points and ledges are bass hangouts when the temperature is hot and that is where you find fishermen day after day beating these spots up with the usual hot-weather baits. We run from spot to spot hoping to find a big school of fish and if they don’t bite, we go to the next spot. More than likely the fish are still there but are unwilling to bite.

Now, before I leave, I'll pick up the Bottom Dweller. I'll simply cast it out and let it fall to the bottom. Once in contact with the bottom I'll begin a slow retrieve occasionally snapping it and letting it fall. The strikes are fierce and can quickly fire a school of fish back up. I almost work the bait in between a worm and a crankbait. I like to keep as much contact with the bottom and try to bump whatever structure I am fishing. One great thing about the Bottom Dweller is that it won’t get snagged as easy as a crankbait around thick cover. It simply slides right over it and that is when most of the strikes occur. The other great thing about this bait is the blades. The thin blades allow the fisherman to reel very slow yet keep the blades spinning.

The Bottom Dweller comes in three sizes. From ¾ oz. to 1 3/8 oz. If you love summertime fishing as much as I do, you have to get yourself a Bottom Dweller and see what you have been missing.