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Strike King 2016 New Product Tour - Part 1

Submitted by Full Limit Outdoor Media

If you’re a fan of fishing or more specifically, fishing tackle, the ICAST show is the equivalent of a kid getting a sneak peek into Santa’s workshop. The ICAST show is the showcase event for manufacturer’s newest, latest and greatest offerings into the fishing world. It is understood and anticipated that all the new products for the coming fishing season. It is closed to the public, but is heavily attended by retailers as well as the fishing media in hopes getting a firsthand look at what is going to be the “next big thing” in fishing. Due to all of this, ICAST is obviously a big event for Strike King. We are known throughout the fishing industry for our innovative and aggressive new product launches, and ICAST is where it all begins.

In an effort to bring you the most current detail and news on Strike King products, I’m going to break down our new products for 2016 in a few separate writings. In this installment I’ll take you through our new wire baits as that is the category that this company was founded on. Check back as I’ll be previewing our other new products in the coming days.

Let’s start with our new buzzbait, the Swinging Sugar Buzz. So, think buzzbait meets wobblehead. The blade, head and line tie are independent of the hook and skirt via a jointed connection between the two. This accomplishes a couple things. First, it allows your blow-ups to equate into solid hook-ups as bass have a nearly impossible time slinging the bait as they have very little to no leverage. Second, the skirt and trailer, if you choose to use one, take on a life of their own as they trail virtually unimpeded behind the head and blade. This allows for action that impossible to produce with any other buzzbait. My personal favorite feature of the Swinging Sugar Buzz is it’s “tweakability”. That word (that I’m fairly certain I just invented) means that you can tune the bait to accomplish a number of different presentations. Pressured or spooky fish? No problem! Widen the gap between the blade from the head and replace the skirt with a Swimmin’ Caffeine Shad and quiet the bait down and allow for a more finesse offering. Has stained water moved in and messed up your buzzbait spot? No problem! Mash the blade close to the head for a clackin’, head-bangin’ racket that bass can easily locate in the muddiest of water. Just want to catch a big one? No problem! My favorite way to tune the Sugar Buzz is to bend the wire so that the blade barely makes contact with the head and it makes a unique “purring” sound. I don’t know exactly what it sounds like to bass, but it must be the equivalent of a dinner bell! The Swinging Sugar Buzz comes in ¼, 3/8, and ½ oz. sizes and 6 proven colors.

Now, let’s talk about the Lil’ Mr. Money spinnerbait. The Lil’ Mr. Money is the brainchild and staple of fishing legend George Cochran. George attributes much of his tournament success over the years to the ability of this spinnerbait to put keeper bass in the boat under most all conditions. It’s available in one size (3/16) and one blade combination (Colorado/Indiana) as George deemed that to be the perfect combination. And, if consumer response is a barometer, he was right. Here’s the scoop on this lil’ fish catching machine. This is your go to bait when bites matter. This bait has won thousands and thousands of dollars in situations where bites were hard to come by or fish were exceptionally pressured. The Lil’ Mr. Money was built for one thing and one thing only, and that is to get bit!

Stay tuned as I follow this up in the next day or so with the latest offering from Strike King in jigs.