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Rose Wins. Again…

Submitted by Full Limit Outdoor Media

The world of pro bass fishing can be fickle. The majority of touring pros today have never won an event in their respective organization. Most have made a career out of regularly finishing well enough to get a check. Then, there are the guys who have accomplished the feat of winning an event. That in and of itself can be highlight of a career. The really good anglers, the household names, a very select few, can maybe account for a win a season. Then every once in a blue moon a guy will win two events in a season. How many times has a guy won two in one season? I know it has happened, but it’s incredibly rare. Furthermore, how many times has an angler won back to back events on a pro tour? According to FLW it has never been done. Until now…….

Mark Rose’s assault on the fish and his competition this season has been phenomenal. If he doesn’t compete in another derby this year, he’s already won nearly a quarter million dollars in 3 weeks. He did this on two completely different lakes in two completely different states. He won the FLW season opener on Lake Guntersville in AL, and then followed that up this past weekend by winning stop number two on Lake Travis in TX. Mark is as hot as a guy can get in this sport.

Although we can’t give you his ability to think, reason and adapt while on the water. We can’t gift you his physical gifts with a rod and reel. We can offer you the next best thing; exactly what lures he was using to win.


Mark’s day one started out by him running up the river and casting a crankbait on staging banks, which had yielded the best results during his practice period. However, this pattern didn’t hold up and day one was the only day that he attempted it. Towards the end of what would be his toughest day, Mark came back down the lake and caught his best fish on an 8” Bull Worm on a 3/8 oz. standup head. He caught it offshore and that put the wheels into motion.

On day two Rose skipped the river crankbait bite and concentrated on his strength of finding and catching quality bass that are relating to offshore structure. He spent his day fishing stair-step type ledges on the lower end of the main lake. Day two was spent almost exclusively dragging a Tour Grade Football jig in ¾ and 1 ounce. Both were green pumpkin in color and paired with a green pumpkin Rage Craw for a trailer. The claws of the Rage Craw were tipped with orange dye to match the crawfish that had been spit up in his livewell. His day two weight improved 6 lbs. over his day over day 1 and he ended the day in 5th place.


On day three was a little more diverse than day 2. He caught his biggest fish of the day on a 6” swimbait paired with a 1 oz. Squadron Jighead. He caught several more keepers on the football jig from the previous day. But on day three Mark mixed in a green pumpkin 6.5” KVD Perfect Plastic Finesse Worm on an 1/8 oz. Tour Grade Shaky Head. That afternoon also saw him leave his offshore honey holes. He realized that the deep bite would begin to wane up into the day as the clouds gave way and the sun got high. This scenario prompted Rose to probe a series of boat docks that offered a shady area for pre-spawn bass to congregate. He picked up a Blue Craw Rage Bug paired with a 5/16 Tour Grade Tungsten Weight and flipped and pitched it around the docks to cull a couple key fish. Mark would head into the final day in 2nd place.

Day four began with a bang as he caught 2 good fish on the swimbait and Squadron Head on his 3rd and 4th casts. He also caught another big fish on his Tour Grade Football jig prior to abandoning his offshore spot and concentrating on his Rage Bug on docks pattern for the rest of the final day.

The conclusion of Day four saw Mark win his second tournament in a row. Both of those victories came by less than a pound ahead of second place. In both of those events the same angler was second as well, Bryan Thrift of NC.

Here is some additional commentary and some thoughts from Mark:

“I was concentrating on prespawn staging areas. A lot of the fish I caught would spit up crawfish in my livewell. That made the choice to keep the Tour Grade Football Jig in my hand for the majority of the time easy. Once I had confidence that I understood how they were setup, all I had to do was offer them a bait they wanted to eat and the Tour Grade Football jig is arguably the best prespawn staging bait ever. It has accounted for the vast majority of the fish that I’ve weighed in during these last two wins. I have weighed in fish this season on the 1/4, 3/8, 3/4 and 1 oz. models.”

“On day 3, I scrapped what I had been successful with and by reading the current conditions, went in an entirely different direction. Confidence is so key in being successful out here. So is versatility. By changing from the football jig to the Rage Bug, I caught some key fish that I couldn’t have won without.”

Those of us that know Mark aren’t the least bit surprised that he accomplished this historic feat. He is an awesome man of faith and family. He is a brilliant angler in every way. He is a consummate competitor. And he is part of the family and culture that is Strike King Lure Company. We expect to see the name “Mark Rose” at the top of the leaderboard many more times in the future.

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