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New Year Resolutions from the Strike King Team

Submitted by Full Limit Outdoor Media

With the annual replacing of the calendar comes the global tradition of new year’s resolutions. People typically resolve to get healthier, give up a vice, or start doing something they think would benefit them.

Well, pro fishermen have the same tradition. They, just like the rest of us, analyze their current situation and weigh it against what they would like it to be. Here are a few, predominantly fishing related, resolutions for the coming fishing year from some of the Strike King pros.

Mark Menendez - I need to spend more time fishing a stick worm. The Ocho has landed lots of fish for me. It is a slow technique and productive. I vow to work on the Ocho in ‘18

I am the worst buzzbait fisherman on tour! I have landed 2 bass on the Elites in the last 3 years. It is time for me to utilize a The Sugar Buzz more often. I can vary the retrieve and the sound of the Sugar Buzz to the mode of the Bass! Words for me to remember for the ‘18 Elite Season.

Todd Castledine - In the past 2 weeks I have spent some time with an under spin and will continue to do so. It won't help me on my home lakes win tournament's, but I have caught them really good in numbers. It will pay off when I fish the tour next year. Keep an open mind about being as versatile as possible. For 15 years fishing lakes that I'm somewhat familiar with I have learned to fish for big weights all the time no matter what. It's the only way to win. That won't always cut it next year so I'm trying to just go out and catch fish not the way I want to but sometimes the way I have to.

Andy Montgomery - One is to reduce my tackle I carry in my boat. A rage bug is so versatile. I can use it as a trailer on my skipping jig, football jig, blades jig. I can flip it by itself etc. just take advantage of the versatility of Strike King products.

Number two would be to make sure all my baits are tied on before I leave my house. A lot of times we rig tackle the afternoon we arrive for the tournament week. However, every year a couple times there will be some unexpected obstacles when we arrive. It may be raining, no parking wherever we are staying, getting food from the grocery store etc. Having my rods ready for practice is something I can control before I leave home.

Bill McDonald - My New Year fishing resolution is to utilize my practice time better by covering more water. Utilize more Strike King moving baits. I love to fish a drop bait so this year I’m going to use the Strike King Jointed Structure head with a variety of Strike King plastics from Rage Bugs to the Menace Grub, to our Rage Swimmers to cover water! My primary goal for 2018 is to qualify for the Cup!

Mark Davis - My resolution for 2018 for fishing would be that same as it has been in recent years. Which is to try to remain a student of the sport. In the ever-changing world of bass fishing. Keeping an open mind to new lures and techniques. As profound as that sounds it can prove to be difficult especially for an angler of my age and experience. Embracing new lures and the ways to use them is paramount. Strike King continues to bring new lure concepts to our industry. Many lures are very versatile in how they can be used. For example, fishing a Strike King tungsten swing head. This little concept is commonly used with crawfish imitations such as the rage menace, or rage structure bug, but it is also good using a swimbait such as a Strike King Swimmin’ Shiner or Swimmin’ Caffeine Shad. And, learn how to effectively swim, or drag it on structure to produce strikes.

Mark Rose - First and foremost in fishing and life, I want to get closer to the man that made all the fish. I also want to discover new ways (places, retrieves, colors, etc.) to use Strike King crankbaits. These baits work so hard for fishermen and we tend to limit their potential. I also want to use more of the crankbaits in the SK lineup more. For instance, the XD series is my favorite, however I used the regular series 6 recently and smoked them. Same with the 4S.

All of us at Strike King would like to wish you the greatest blessings for the new year. We hope you resolve to spend more time on the water, and we intend to make that time more productive. Happy New Year!

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