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XD’s Catch Em’ When it Counts. Mark it!

Submitted by Full Limit Outdoor Media

Knowing how a bait works, and how best to use it to make fish bite is something that takes time and experience. Most anglers spend years using a bait before they have the intracacies dialed in. Most anglers hope a bait is doing what they expect it to. Phil Marks isn’t most anglers…..

Phil smoked a star-studded field of both local hotshots, and touring level anglers, this past weekend in the season-opening event of the T-H Marine FLW Bass Fishing League. What sets Marks apart from “most anglers” is his experience with the tools he employed. Phil is the New Product Manager at Strike King Lure Co. and actually played the lead role in designing the two baits that caught his winning stringer. He employed both 8XD and 10XD deep-diving crankbaits on the ends of ridges that featured isolated stumps. Marks’ intimate knowledge of the lake coupled with the tools at his disposal combined to be more than his competition could overcome.

With the lake being colder than normal, 49 degrees in the morning warming to a balmy mid-50’s by midday, the large bass that it takes to win were very lethargic. They were setting up in a certain depth, around certain types of structure and cover. When Marks would put his XD crankbait in their face, he would he a reaction bite.

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“I knew going into this event that I was going to be fishing for very few bites, but they would be the right kind. I know that the 8Xd and 10Xd are incredible for not only getting fish to react, but for getting big fish to react. I have a ton of confidence in my chances to win anytime that I can get that XD bite dialed in”.

“I was fishing the 8XD on 12 lb. fluorocarbon. I was throwing it when the spots were 16 to 19 feet on top. I used the 16 lb. fluorocarbon on the 10Xd and cranked it on spots that topped out between 19 and 24 feet. I only used two colors all day, Chartreuse with a Powder Blue Back early, and Splatterback later. My Lew’s BB1 Speed Spool reels were both in 6:4:1 gear ratios. This setup makes it easy to manage getting those big plugs down to the strike zone every cast all day long”.

Marks’ winning weight of 5 bass for 27 lbs. 8 oz. was just a hair shy of 8 lbs. better than second place proving yet again that big fish eat big baits and that often equal big paydays!

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